Order Tracking and Status: 

When will my order being delivered? 

  • If you make a special note with the order for delivery, we will try our best to follow. Your order will be delivered through our trusted delivery partner. 

How long does delivery take? 

  • It takes generally 2-5 days; in some cases, it may be delayed. For further information please read the delivery and shipping policy. 

Where is my order? 

  •  You can track your order using the tracking number or can call the delivery driver. 

Order Changes and Cancellations: 

Can I change my order? 

  • Unfortunately, you cannot change the order once placed. The way to change is to place orders with additional products otherwise cancel the order and place new orders altogether. 

Can I cancel my order? 

  • Yes, you can cancel the order at any time before delivery is dispatched. Once the delivery is dispatched from the warehouse, some charges may apply. 

Payment and Refunds: 

How can I pay? 

  • You can pay using your debit card, credit card, and PayPal. 

How long will my refund take? (Both general and after cancelling) 

  •  Generally, it would take 10 working days if an order was cancelled before dispatched. It will take more time for the order to be dispatched for delivery. In this case, we will check the order and then process the refund accordingly. 

Product Information: 

I have a question about a product, where can I find more information? 

  • You can find more information in the description section on the individual product page. If you cannot find the required information, you can contact us via chat, WhatsApp or call. 

Why can’t I find certain products on the website? (Could indicate stock issues) 

  • We update products with the latest launch and the stock availability. If the product is discontinued, we will fulfil your order until the stock ends.  

Delivery and Shipping: 

Is there a charge for delivery? 

  • We offer free delivery of samples and orders with an amount of more than £500. Otherwise, there will be delivery charges added to checkout. Charges are applicable depending on the delivery address postcode in the UK. 

What is a kerbside delivery? 

  • The Pallet delivery cannot be easily carried to your door. So, it is delivered to the nearest accessible point on the public highway or roadside closest to your delivery address. This is typically the edge of the pavement or curb, hence the name “kerbside.” 

Do I get a narrowed downtime or estimated delivery time on the day? 

  • Yes, we will inform you of the dispatch time and give you an estimated delivery time. If you want delivery at a specific time during work time you can include it in order. Our delivery partner will follow that in the maximum possible ways. 

Returns and Damages: 

Are you accepting returns? 

  • Yes, we accept returns if the products are not opened, used or damaged. You have to arrange the return of the order accordingly. 

What happens if my order is damaged? 

  • You will get a replacement or refund if it is damaged before the order is delivered. If you receive damaged items report it in 24 hours with visuals. We will verify the delivery and proceed further. 

What is your return policy? 

  • Simply you can visit our return policy page for detailed information about returns. 

Specialized Queries: 

I have damaged tiles; what do I need to do? 

  • You will get a refund or replacement if your case matches our return policy. 

If I provide measurements or plans, can your team calculate my area? 

  • Contact our talented team with planning and requirements. So, you will get proper calculations for your tile requirement. 

The tiles I have previously ordered are no longer on your website; what can I do? 

  • If you cannot find your choice of tiles, contact us, and we will help you to fulfil your requirements. 

Customer Support: 

Can I speak to someone? 

  • Of course, You can contact us using chat or directly through WhatsApp, mail or call. 

Tile-Specific Queries: 

How do I order samples? 

  • Just visit the product page of your choice and select the sample option then hit the add to cart button that’s all. 

How do I know how many tiles to order? 

  • Plan your space and calculate surface area. You can add 10% waste for the safe side, so you don’t need to face issues later on. If you are unable to calculate, contact our talented team. We will help you at any stage of your tiling journey.  

What’s the difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles? 

  • The major differences are durability, strength and price. You can find your use and choose the most suitable. Please visit our blog section for more detailed information. 

What is the difference between a glazed and unglazed tile? 

  • The Simple difference is that glazed tile is visually shiny and smooth, whereas unglazed tile is as it is. 

Where can I use porcelain tiles? 

  • Porcelain tiles are durable and strong so most people use them on the floor, but You can use them on walls, floor, kitchen, bathroom or wherever you want. 

Where can I use ceramic tiles? 

  • Ceramic tiles are widely used for walls as they are less strong than porcelain tiles. Nowadays, people use it where less traffic goes. 

What are rectified tiles? 

  • Tiles with precise manufacturing are known as rectified tiles. Tile edges will be proper and perfect surface. 

What does slip rating mean? 

  • Slip rating is the measurement of the coefficient of friction of surfaces. It denotes with ‘R’ ranging from R9 to R13. R13 rating is the highest slip resistance rating available on the market today. 

What does the PEI rating mean? 

  • PEI rating is the hardness of the tile glaze. It is tested by a standard test by a manufacturing company to find its best use. 

Are porcelain tiles hard? 

  • Yes, Porcelain tiles are hard and dense which makes porcelain tiles most durable. 

What tiles can be used with underfloor heating? 

  • Porcelain tiles are the best option to use with underfloor heating. It is highly durable and easy to maintain. 

What should you consider when buying floor or wall tiles? 

  • Before buying floor or wall tiles, we need to consider needs, aesthetics, and practicality. 

Where are your tiles made? 

  • We have a number of manufacturers from Spain, Italy, India and more. 

Why are your prices so good? 

  • We want our customers to be happy and satisfied.