You can order up to 5 samples free of cost with free delivery. Orders having more than 5 samples will be charged for delivery. 

We will send you a handy-sized tile so you can feel the texture, colour and finish of the tile. 

For a safe experience, be careful with the tile edges.

Before buying any tiles, we suggest you feel the samples and give your choice a chance to create your masterpiece. 

Samples will be delivered via Royal Mail free of cost according to the condition. 

We recommend you buy a full-size single tile as a sample for a better experience. It will help you to be confident in your choice. If you have ordered a full-size sample tile and ordered the same tile, you will not get charged for that one sample tile. 

Just a few steps:

– Select your tile
– Open selected tile page
– Click on Free Cut Sample Button
– Complete the Checkout
– Place an Order

That’s all!

You can contact us during working hours for any queries. We are always happy to help you. 

Order your free samples now!