You can order up to 5 samples free of cost with free delivery. Orders having more than 5 samples will be charged for delivery. 

We will send you a handy-sized tile so you can feel the texture, colour and finish of the tile. 

For a safe experience, be careful with the tile edges.

Before buying any tiles, we suggest you feel the samples and give your choice a chance to create your masterpiece. 

Samples will be delivered via Royal Mail free of cost according to the condition. 

We recommend you buy a full-size single tile as a sample for a better experience. It will help you to be confident in your choice. If you have ordered a full-size sample tile and ordered the same tile, you will not get charged for that one sample tile. 

Just a few steps:

– Select your tile
– Open selected tile page
– Click on Free Cut Sample Button
– Complete the Checkout
– Place an Order

That’s all!

*Note: If you are unable to see the “Free Cut Sample” button on a specific tile page, that means we do not provide the sample for that particular tile.

You can contact us during working hours for any queries. We are always happy to help you. 

Order your free samples now!